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Solar hybrids
are the future

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Hand on a solar hybrid

What is a solar hybrid?

A solar hybrid is a smart solution for energy optimization. The concept consists of a cold solar panel connected to a ground source heat pump. Solar hybrids produce both electricity and heat, and provide a high return on investment for many years.


What is the difference between solar collectors, solar cells, solar panels and solar hybrids?

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Sustainability work

Soon here is where you can read about our sustainability work and products that help the world become a little more environmentally friendly.

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You get better performance on your heat pump

With solar hybrids, you are installing an environmentally friendly energy solution

The solution is scalable and can be tailored to your needs

You can keep using your existing borehole, so you won't have to drill a new one

Your solar panels and your heat pump will last much longer

You get more electricity than a traditional solar panel

Solar hybrids provide a high return on your investment for many years

Samster is a solar hybrid specialist

With extensive experience in various energy solutions such as solar cells and geothermal heating, we saw an opportunity to create something new, something better - a solar hybrid.

Our patent-pending and revolutionary solar hybrid offers high performance and is specially adapted for heat pump operation. It can be combined with various energy solutions and reduces energy costs along with several other benefits.

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