Do you have a passion for technology, the environment, and innovation?

We are always looking for great people.

A great workplace starts with great people.

A great workplace starts with great people.

We are always looking for great people. People with ideas, thoughts, and visions of a more sustainable world. People driven to create something better, something new. Those who want to look forward and do something meaningful. Those who know that the term ’climate-smart’ is not a passing trend but a necessary guide. Just ordinary great people.

Are you one of them?

We're going to solar hybridize the world. And have fun doing it.

We're going to solar hybridize the world. And have fun doing it.

At Samster, we are kind to each other and have fun. We are flexible and help each other. We are diverse. We are honest. We are Samster. Our vision is a world with only renewable energy and a society in power and energy balance. Our mission is to develop innovative renewable energy solutions for life on the planet, for the present and the future. Our promise is to smartly lower energy costs with solar power.

Join us on the journey towards a fossil-free society

We offer you an energy-filled workplace and the opportunity to make a difference alongside other great people whose hearts beat for technology, the environment, and innovation. Send your application to

Our values

Our values are primarily rooted in climate and environmental sustainability but naturally spill over into various other forms of sustainability. We have chosen to funnel down this into a couple of core values.

Work for sustainability.

This is the foundation of our entire business idea. For the present and the future.

Create a strong team spirit.

We work together towards the same goal and are attentive to each other. When the team is doing well, the company thrives.

Embrace innovation.

We are constantly evolving, and we keep moving forward. Thinking outside the box and embracing development is our way forward!

Be transparent and honest.

Being sustainable also means being honest. We genuinely want to help our customers, with no hidden agendas.

Meet a Samsterite

Meet a Samsterite

Those of us working at Samster come from diverse backgrounds, experiences, and knowledge. We are a mix of everything from padel professionals, environmental heroes, and musicians to alpine skiers, wine enthusiasts, and handball players. Get to know us a little better. Meet a Samsterite.

Kent Samuelsson

Kent constitutes one half of Samster's founding duo, the energy enthusiast who traded wind power for solar power and invented Samster's solar hybrid. Kent prefers using an electric bike or car to get around and is a solar enthusiast in more ways than one, spending his leisure time bathing, sailing, or skiing with his family. When Kent is not thinking about energy savings, he enjoys playing squash, badminton, grilling sausages, and savoring the forest.

Vilhelm Steier

Ville makes up one half of Samster's founding duo, a recident of Åsa and has worked with energy systems his entire life and turned Samster's solar hybrid into a reality. Ville prefers to start his morning with crispbread and loves running and swimming. His hidden talent sounds like music to the ears, and he prefers to spend time with his wife and four children. With the mindset that going to work should be enjoyable, it's no surprise that Ville has created a company where new ideas take center stage.

Per Mattsson

Per is Samster's Financial Manager, a former taillight designer from Värmland with a keen interest in hunting and fishing. Per has lived with MS for twenty years, is a night owl who prefers summer over winter, and his hidden talent is hush-hush. When he's not taking care of the company's finances and accounting, he prefers spending time on the lake or in the woods.

Lina Flysjö

Lina is Samster's Marketing Manager, a resident of Frillesås who started the seasons in the mountains during winter and on the sea during summer before studying management of growth at Handels. When Lina isn't working on Samster's marketing, she enjoys exploring the outdoors, preferably on a crisp and snowy winter day with skis under her feet. A good start to her morning begins with 'Nyhetsmorgon,' and her hidden talent is one we all wish we had.

Jonas Qvarfordt

Jonas is one of Samster's Project Engineer, the Northerner who, after 10 years in Stockholm, traded saltwater for freshwater and moved to Karlstad in Värmland. While Jonas enjoys planning at work, he is happily spontaneous in his free time. Those days are filled with food, music, technology, outdoor activities, motorcycles, and board sports. Jonas prefers semla over cinnamon buns and has a hidden talent that requires flow. When not involved in planning and development, he spends his vacation days sunbathing, swimming, and eating, preferably by a lake in his Northern homeland.

Jon Karlsen

Jon is one of Samster's Project Engineer, the half-Norwegian native of Värmland who, after a few years working in Norway, began studying energy and environmental engineering at Karlstad University. Jon loves to snooze in the mornings, preferably owns the light blue streets in Monopoly, and his hidden talent requires dexterity. When he's off-duty, he enjoys heading out for fishing, having a beer with friends, playing video games, or taking a trip to the neighboring country, Norway. On weekdays, however, Jon excels at designing facilities, sizing components, and conducting energy analyses.

Philip Jonsson

Philip is Samster's Purchasing & Logistics Manager, the Gothenburger who has played handball his entire life and believes that a company's success – just like in handball – is built on collaboration and the realization that everyone's work, regardless of the size of their role, is important. Philip prefers to start the day with a substantial breakfast, has a hidden talent that involves knitting, and enjoys spending time with friends and family in the summer cottage, on the ski slope, or on the golf course.

Oscar Skogsén

Oscar Skogsen is Samster's Sales Manager, the resident of Kållered who, after many years in the transport and logistics industry, has switched focus to pursue his burning interest in sustainable energy. Oscar's background as a manager and sports leader has taught him the importance of a shared vision and continuous development, something that positively influences his role at Samster. Oscar prefers to spend his vacation with his family, loves floorball, has a hidden talent that requires coordination, and prefers cinnamon buns over semla.

Carl Klittmar

Carl, Samster's Acting Marketing Manager during Lina's parental leave, is the Gothenburger who chose us enticed by the opportunity to market sustainable energy solutions. In addition to his master's studies in marketing at Handels, Carl has experience as a marketing strategist, making him agile with the ability to juggle between various projects and tasks simultaneously. Carl has a hidden talent that lights up the dance floor, loves playing padel, and on vacation, he thrives best out at sea with his partner.