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We are experts in solar hybrids and in combining solar energy and geothermal heat for real estate, businesses, tenant-owner associations, and villas. Choose your area and find out more about the benefits.

Real estate owner

Whether you are planning to build new properties and want an energy-efficient, profitable, and environmentally friendly solution – or if you want to reduce energy consumption and lower energy costs for your existing property – solar hybrids are an excellent alternative.

Tenant-owner association

Investing in a solar and geothermal heating system adds value for everyone in a condominium association. Whether you already have geothermal heating today or are planning to install it, solar hybrids are a profitable addition that lowers the overall operating cost and provides both electricity and heat.

Villa och row house

In a multitude of efficient and environmentally friendly energy solutions, solar hybrids stand out from the crowd. In combination with geothermal heating, you can reduce your costs for both heating and electricity. An investment that provides a good return and pays off for many years to come.

Energy consultants

Do you assist companies or organizations in making their properties more energy-efficient? Solar hybrids in combination with geothermal heating provide your customers with a sustainable energy solution that lowers the overall operating cost and provides both electricity and heat.

Become less dependent on fluctuating energy prices with solar hybrids.

Our energy experts assess the conditions of your property to combine solar energy and geothermal heating.

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Solhybrider - Strömstadyggen, Timmermansvägen

Sustainability is the foundation of our entire business idea.

Everyone talks about sustainability today. For obvious reasons. The climate crisis is a reality. But for us, sustainability is not just a part of our company. It is the foundation of our entire business concept. When we started Samster several years ago, we asked ourselves: How can one create intelligent energy solutions with a focus on replacing fossil fuels?

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7 advantages of solar hybrids

Solar hybrids provide a good return on investment for many years to come

You get better performance from your heat pump

You get more electricity compared to a regular solar panel

The lifespan of both the solar panel and heat pump increases

You can salvage your old geothermal well and avoid drilling a new one

The solution is scalable and can be tailored to your needs

Solar hybrids are an environmentally friendly energy solution

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